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As Lucy Harris in Jekyll and Hyde. Gentle Grace Photography.


Technique, Presentation, Confidence: Become the COMPLETE performer!

It is important to me that you are having fun and working on material you enjoy! I want you to love music and love your instrument and be confident in performing! I work carefully on musicianship skills and help you become confortable in sight-reading and learning your music quickly and efficiently. I also like to give lots of fun exercised to do in your practice. Practice should be fun AND productive. You should look forward to singing every day!  Technique, presentation and confidence are three important focus areas. No more going to a lesson only to do the SAME thing week after week! I am a strong believer in differentiated instruction so you can develop and grow closer to your goals EVERY lesson. 

Things we will focus on:

  • Breathing
  • Posture: Strong, yet relaxed
  • Tone Quality/Technique
  • Musical Literacy (rhythms and pitches)
  • Stage Presence and Characterization
  • Confidence!