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Studio Policies

Welcome to my voice studio!  I am confident this will be an exciting year of learning, improving, and having fun!  As most of you know, there are two vocal studio recitals per year, a winter and a spring recital.  Participation is optional but highly encouraged!


1) Prices and Payment:


30 minute lessons = $35

45 minute lessons = $45

60 minute lessons = $60

Joint lessons = arranged


Please pay MONTHLY at the FIRST lesson of each month.  You will receive an email before the first of each month with your upcoming total.  Please do not forget, as this is my business and my income.  If you DO forget, please do not wait until the following week to bring a check – immediately put a check in the mail.  Send to: Lori L’Italien 26 Boston St #2 Somerville, Ma 02143


If you have a hardship that prevents you from paying up front each month, please speak to me and we will see if we can find an arrangement that works for both of us. You may also choose to buy a block of lessons at the start of the semester.


Upon looking over the proposed lesson dates in the monthly “lesson dates/totals” email, please reply and tell me in advance the specific dates that you cannot have a lesson.  This is key so that these conflicts can be recorded and the empty lesson slots can be filled by other students.  You may choose to try to find a makeup lesson time with me for those conflicts submitted in advance, or you can subtract that lesson (or lessons) from the monthly total in order to calculate your new total.



2) Cancellations:


24 hours notice of cancellation is required in order to be granted a make-up lesson, or to receive a credit for one future lesson. If 24 hours notice is not given, you will lose the lesson with no refund. Exceptions made only for sickness and emergencies, two times per academic semester. If you are tardy to the lesson you will not be kept late, under any circumstances. Most times, I will have another student directly after you and keeping you late means starting their lesson late and inconveniencing them. If I need to cancel a lesson you have already paid for, you will be automatically be granted a make-up or will receive a credit for one future lesson.  If I am late for your lesson, you will be held over, or the time will be made up. I am VERY easy to reach.  Email me at or call my cell phone at (603) 285-5479. 



3) Preparation:


Each student is expected to be prepared at each lesson with the work they were assigned the previous week.  Do not come to your lesson without your music. At least 30 minutes of practice per week is required for students who take 30 minute lessons, and 45 minutes of practice per week is required for students who take 45 minute lessons.  This is truly for the student’s benefit, as practicing ensures steady progress, and reinforcement of good singing habits! 


Each student may have additional work such as downloading music, making notes in music, translating languages, researching characters and plots, etc.  Music for the vocal studio recitals should be memorized. 


I hope this helps students and parents understand the commitment that goes into studying voice. I want to help you grow and become a better musician and performer but also need your commitment to your voice so you can be amazing! The policies may seem harsh.  Please understand that this voice studio is run as a business and should be treated as such.  Thank you! I look forward to a great year!